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Total Recall Videos – Equestrian Event Specialists

Total Recall Videos is the number one provider of film and video services at equestrian events in the UK. Using multiple camera set-ups we aim to film every horse and rider over every fence. A bespoke DVD of you and your horse can then be edited and produced. We can also upload your video to our youtube channel or produce formats for mobile devices. We also provide “headcams” so you can re-live your round from a rider perspective. We cover a variety of events including Badminton Grassroots, The Riding Club Championships and The Pony Club Championships as well as a number of unaffiliated events. Our archives go back to 1992 and any round that we have filmed is available, please see our archives page for more information. We also operate a commercial video service, please click here for our commercial website.



Total recall Videos Headcam

We have been providing our headcam to competitors for a number of years giving you a riders view perspective of your round.

How does it work?

Simply contact us at least an hour before you are due to ride and we’ll set up your headcam before you enter the startbox. After your round we’ll just remove your headcam. We can provide your headcam footage on its own or provide you with a split screen edit of your round from our ground cameras on one side and headcam footage on the other.  For examples of our headcam footage please see our headcam showreel.



Want to share your video?

iphone_019_reflection_smallWe can upload your round to our YouTube channel or provide you with file formats to that can be uploaded to your iPad or smart mobile device so you can share your round wherever you are. You can order these individually or as part of your DVD order. This option is getting more and more popular and is a great way to view your video on the move.